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Former Redskins Ken Harvey on The Coaches Corner: Submit your questions!


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Ken Harvey will be on the Coaches Corner this Monday at 6pm to talk about the Skins and his latest charity event he is putting on with a bunch of other former Skins at the WaterPark in Manassas on July 26th.

I will be at the interview to ask Ken the questions you submit below.

Lets have 'em.


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Hey Ken great to hear from ya!

Would you ever think of coaching? And if so how about coachg the LB"s corps of the Skins?

Two of my most Favorite memories of you are the game agianst New York and you had 4 sacks and it ended in 7-7 tie. And your pro bowl INT return for a TD. Which of these do you treasure most?

What do you think of the modern day scrambling QB's like Vick or Mccnabb? How do you think you would stack up to them if you were still playing?

Thanks for all the great memories #57!

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Thanks, Andy. He's just turning 11 and would be thrilled to actually see a Redskin close up. Plus if you're at the Buffalo Wing Factory, wings, beer and Redskins would pretty much describe my version of Nirvana. :laugh: . The 9-11 wings are the highest I dare to go, too yella to go for Flatliners.

See you there!

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Being that the league has such big, strong, quick OTs, how was it you were so effective at rushing the passer?

Furthermore, you were pretty good against the run as well when you were at the end spot, what do you think gave you the edge?

Did you like blitzing from the LB spot or did you prefer to come from a 3 point stance? Why?

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