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MinnPost: Senate passes Franken amendment aimed at defense contractors


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How is it one sided? An arbitration hearing isn't something where the employer just looks at the case and makes a decision. You have someone outside reviewing both sides of the case and making a judgment. It’s much cheaper and faster.

Yeah, it's cheaper and faster alright.

But you didn't really cover impartiality anywhere. Just "outside."

I think I'm going to force my company's employees to sign an arbitration agreement, and the arbitrator will be... let's see here... my wife. She is not and has never been employed by my organization, and she's willing to guarantee a decision one way or the other within 5 minutes of hearing the case, so everything should work out just fine -- for me.

But I'm a nice guy so I'll offer my employees a choice of arbitrator. They can opt to have their case heard by my best friend instead.

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