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LaVar to appear on Best Damn Sports Show Period

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thanks a lot for the heads up redskins 4 life. I ll give a recap.

LaVar said the guys have a lot of faith in george edwards, and that hes the guy they wanted, and that he will be a great DC. He also said that he is happy that he doesn't have to rush as a DE anymore. And that he can still get the sacks as a rush linebacker, pointing to derrick thomas and LT as examples. He said that he has a great relationship with spurrier, and that all the players know that spurrier is going to win. He did a hilarious joe paterno impresson, with tom arnold's glasses on. He said that spurrier has a "healthy" chip on his shoulder. he said the defense needs stability. He then raced remote control cars with tom. Great spot.

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He sure is a great ambassador for the team. He's an excellent player, he's personable, good looking, fine speaker, intelligent. He came off very well. However, I really wish he had "aikman'd" Tom Arnold. Call me crazy, but Mr Roseanne ran his fifteen minutes out about 10 years ago.


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