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Thank goodness for the doink


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How often in the past has this team been victimized by the doink. How often have we seen a kick kareen harmlessly off a goal post and those missing points lead be the deciding factor. So, no I don't feel sorry for the Bucs. I actually feel like celebrating because for once the doink was with us.

For you fans of hating Campbell, that's what bad qbing looks like... and also what good qbing is. He finally gave you a tangible reason to boo his play. That first half and most of the game was pure suckage (the receivers were just as bad. All those shots showing how little room Campbell had.)

Defense finally played a pretty good game. Nice pressure and made a few plays. Generated a few stops.

But the biggest play of the day was the doink. We finally got a doink in our favor. Finally, a kicker didn't make a 58 yarder against the wind against us. Let's hear it for Suisham too... perfect on the season and bailed us out when our season's MVP got hurt.

You may say it was only the bucs, but don't be so cheap, this win meant something. It meant more than a buc (evil bad joke laughter)

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What is funny is our blocked XP prob helped us. Without that, the Bucs go for it on 4th down to tie it instead of a FG.

Knowing our luck, they would have scored and we would have had a tie game. At that point, who knows what would have happened.

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It's a good thing the ref blocked that pass, JC was throwing into double coverage, could have been INT #4

I saw that on the replay as well. Looks like he was trying to force it into Cooley on a crossing route. Whoever was covering him was between Cooley and the ball. The ref saved us on that one.

JC looked like total garbage today. I was actually hoping for Collins to end the game.

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I look at the game like this.

The Bucs missed 2 field goals....one doink and another pushed right, but both clearly had the distance, and neither missed by much. IMHO the kins LOST that game. Sure....in the end they had more points, but the Skins did not win that game. They got lucky. The Buc's kicker missed two field goals. Against most other teams, and most other kickers, it would have ended up an "L" for the boys instead of a "W".

It was a poorly played game by the skins (although not as poorly as last week or the 9-7 "win" over the Rams), and they deserved to lose. We have no reason to crow over this result. They did not earn this "W". It was given to them by 2 poorly executed plays. It's that simple.

It worked in our favor this week, but it may not, and probably will not work in our favor most Sundays. I have no hope for this group this year. The team has no drive. Hope I'm proved wrong, but I have been a fan since the early 70's and they exhibit no where near the desire George Allen, Joe Gibbs or Jack Kent Cooke instilled in them.

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Yep if it wasn't for three missed field goals the Buc's would be celebrating. Hopefully Panthers and the Chiefs also have bad kickers.

if they'd have made those field goals they'd have kicked off, we'd have gotten the ball in a totally different place, meaning the post FG attempt drives would have been totally different, so you can't be sure that's the case.

So no one can legitimately claim they would've lost that game.

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