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If you Could Make the Roster for the Skins

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Qb's: Vick,Ramsey,Brett Favre

Rb's : Marshall Faulk,Eddie George,Stephen Davis

FB's: Mike Allsott,Bryan Johnson

WR's: Terrel Owens,Rod Garder,L. Coles,Marvin Harriosn,Plaxico B.

TE: Tony G.,Randy McMicheal

Ol: Samuels, K.Turely,Jansen, Randy Thomas,

DE's: Jevon Kearse,Juluis Peppers,Marcus Wiley,Simeon Rice

DT's: Gilbert(packers Lard ass), Richard Seymour, Coery Simon,Sapp

Lb's: Arrinton, Brooking, Urlacher, Lewis, Z.Thomas,

Db's: Champ,C.Woodson,John Lynch,B.Dawkins,Mike Brown,Smoot, P.Surtan

K: Edinger, S.Jawoski

P. umm don't care

KR: Micheal Lewis

Not saying it is the best team, but it has players i like.

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