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Where is the Sean Taylor tribute video made by Diss?

Chicken Fried

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I thought I'd post this in the Tailgate considering the flood in the Stadium. If you all remember, a poster named Diss made an awesome, professionally-done Sean Taylor tribute video. Many on here were lobbying for the Skins to play it on the bigscreen at the first home game last year. I can't find it anywhere, and haven't been able to for several months. It used the song Alright by Skindred which synced perfectly with the video. I see this one,

, but the audio has been disabled, and I don't think it's the original. I remember someone was talking about how it's difficult to use the song you want on youtube videos. Is this the original or is it somewhere else? I want to watch it again. It gave me goosebumps every single time.
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