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Are fans full of it when they B & Moan about the "Prevent Defense."


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Do fans know what the hell they are talking about when it comes to the prevent defense.

I know it when I see it because some times its super obvious but a lot of the times, when a game is out of reach and a team is chucking it I watch the offense ... not the D.

I just think some fans feel "smart" when they say, "all they did was prevent themselves from winning."

Is there merit behind this??? Does the Prevent cause teams to lose, is so, why do it? :hysterical:

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There's a reason people do it, it statistically increases your chances of winning. Here it is:

A quarterback during the last few minutes of the game needs to hug the sidelines and stop the clock. You don't want to leave the sidelines open and allow yourselves to be beaten down like that.

Statistically, it is a higher percent chance to win if you make a QB beat you by throwing 10 short passes than one or two deep ones because he has to succeed at more plays. Especially when you get to the redzone, there isn't much space and it becomes easier to play D. Look at the Rams D in that superbowl against the Titans. They played as bend but down break as you can get, almost got burned, but made it work. Imagine if they had come up, pressed Holt and Bruce, and blitzed Warner. They'd have died.

Unless you have a lock down corner, who can eliminate a receiver on his own, you have to make the corners hug the sidelines and the safeties hug deep because a pass to either of these zones kills you. Thus, that leaves zones in the middle open, but it's worth it. If you have to give up a completion, you do it in the middle.

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The problem occurs when a team that is defensively dominating the game, all game, then decides to change what they are doing and play prevent. When you limit a team to 6 points in a game, there is NO reason to change what you are doing and play prevent, except for a fearful head coach. Of course if you are up by 2 TD's and your defense has allowed 30 points, thats an entirely different matter.

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