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PFT: Zorn on Skins. "We're getting better"


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This is Spurrier part II. Zorn has no clue. Not a clue. When we finish 5-11 (at best), I will dance in the street when Zorn and Cerrato are canned!
zorn has officially entered spurrier territory with me


Nooooooooo :doh:

I hope we don't have a "Well we finished 5-11...not very good" type of presser.

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At this point I want someone told hold me and tell me everything will be alright because I see the wheels coming off.

Dear Thirtyfive2seven -

Everything will be alright. The wheels may appear to be coming off, but I have some glue that I'll use to patch it up. It ALWAYS works.

And unfortunately I am far too busy to hold you at the moment, but you can get a nice Redskins blanket at www.redskins.com that ought to help out a bit.

Getting Better,

V. Cerrato

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