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How to think positively in these dark times...


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The positive way of looking at this is: (This is my imaginary newspaper article)

Our Washington Redskins played there first Bowl game in almost 2 decades. The Prestigious "Toilet Bowl" was played at Ford Field Sunday with the Detroit Lions handing the Washington Redskins the defeat. Players after the game said they werent happy with their performance on the field today but their path to the TOILET BOWL was a hard fought journey of not so much sweat and not so much hard work. One was quoted as saying "What? It hard ah hell to be getin up in da moning ta play dis game G. But ma bankroll is PHAT as a mother *beep*"

Not all is lost in this defeat though. A quick turn around and the Skins yet again will play in the Toilet Bowl this Sunday against the lowly Tampa Bay Bucs at Fed Ex field. Jim Zorn said in him Monday presser, when asked about preparation, "Guys, theres nothing to prepare for here. Matter of fact, We're going Bowling Booooiiii" Dont forget to flush.

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