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OT: Baseball All star game


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The All Star Game was great in my opinion, I love the fact that the Home field advantage in the WS was determined by the winner, but I can't help but notice that so many players in particular were against the format.

Honestly, I can't understand why. Previously, the home field was determined totally randomly, so why the heartache now? Doesn't make sense.

Players and others argue that Home Field advantage should go to the team with the best record... I don't think it could be done that easy.

Football has the Superbowl site set up years in advance. Sure, Basket ball and Hockey don't, but imagine setting up the hotels and other arrangements on such short notice. That has always been baseballs argument against the team with the best record having home field advantage.

I think that makes sense.

Last nights game was excellent and I like the added drama of the result having and effect on the WS.

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haven't watched baseball in earnest since the early 1990's. one labor strike too many and an arrogant attitude that the game didn't need exposure in the Nation's Capital.

how many sports that purport to be national ones don't have a representative team in the capital? go around the world and try and find one other :)

when you have a used car salesman as your commissioner you should know what you are getting :laugh:

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bulldog, all great points. I have a lot of problem with MLB and how it is run as well as the cavalier attitude of the players... however, I love the game itself and hope that at some point, the money runs dry to bring the owners and players back to earth so they will take the fans into consideration rather than going on despite them.

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