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Honeymoon is over, but the fun lingers!


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Back, but not forgotten!

New York is still the place I remember from years ago, including the monumental traffic jams! 2 hour delay coming into Manhattan from Jersey.

Saw the Broadway Musical - AIDA, with Toni Braxton as the lead actress and those vocal cords (with bod) are still tops!

Her acting abilities will have her on the silver screen soon.

Our stay at "On the Ave" was a surprise! My wife's daughter bumped our pad up to a Penthouse suite with an overlook of the Theatre District, the Hudson, and the constant smell of barbecuing from the penthouses in the area.

Pass by Giants stadium one day and began to envision what is coming this fall!

Spanish Harlem, Upper West side, Harlem, lower Manhattan, all had some interesting views. Did a lot of walking in Central Park and area, Museum of Natural History, cafes, shops, etc.

We also stopped in Rhinebeck, along the Hudson, and yes - Woodstock, where we saw an "ad-hoc" jam session, though somewhat primitive. Stopped in some shops.

Hershey Park, PA was a lot of fun, and had a sweet tooth (naturally), Hershey Garden was beautiful and is an ultimate experience for a wedding ceremony, the mall put you in state of actually being out west. The stadium was having a concert, but we were on our way to the Big Apple. Still checked out some spots around the acreage though.

Niagara Falls, simply can't be done in a day, to say the least. The trolley ride saved our feet!


We also went to the acquarium there, rode the boats that go right at the falls on both Sides (Canadian and American) and we vowed to check out the Canadian side where there are casinos, shows, Planet Hollywood, etc.

If you ever go to the Niagara Falls on the American side with a stay in Buffalo as we did, may I suggest the cuisine at the Grapevine restaraunt in Amherst, at Niagara Blvd, just off rte 290.

The weather was simply OUTFREAKINSTANDIN'!

I think we took over 200 pictures in those 7 days.

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