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OT - El Rushbo Joins ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown


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El Rushbo Joins ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown

July 14, 2003

On Monday, I revealed the outcome of my super-secret meetings with executives at ESPN. Yes, starting on Thursday, September 4th with the Jets and the Redskins and running through to the Super Bowl, I'll be doing NFL pre-game coverage. I will then appear every Sunday with Chris Berman, Steve Young, Tom Jackson, Michael Irvin and the whole cast at ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown.

I will provide a brief opening essay, then interject into the discussion three or four times during the program. Many weeks I will be at the ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut. Other weeks I will be wherever I am, participating via remote.

The promos for the Countdown show have just been hilarious over the years as they are this year. I don't want to give too much away about the promos I participated in on Friday, but the guys actually hosted a full-fledged parade in Orlando! Jerry Jones was atop one float, while players Takeo Spikes and Joey Porter rode as garbage men - referring to "trash talkers." My program observer thinks this is going to cause tremors in Washington D.C. He thinks the Democrats are going to think they have to find a liberal answer to this.

Ladies and gentleman, this has nothing to do with politics - nor will it take attention away from my radio program. In fact, it will add to it. You can hear me take calls on this fantastic new opportunity in the audio link below. Also: Rush 24/7 members can enjoy our Dittocammed conference call with ESPN executives and members of the sports media, in which we announced this huge new addition to ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown. I couldn't be more excited about this, folks.

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