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D-Mac is my "project" Skin. For the last couple of years it was Jansen but it seems as if he's getting the props he deserves FINALLY!

Now my focus turns to D-Mac. I was into him when I first read about him and how his priority was basketball and how when he figured out he wasn't gonna make it in the NBA, he started focussing on football. I think the guys has HUGE potential and this is the offense he needs to be in to get the opportunity to shine. For him to have half of his college receptions be touchdowns, in a sport he considered his "second" sport???? SHEEESH! If he focusses on football and gets some coaching........LOOKOUT!

The part how he did the whole "self-study" of Gator tapes and then beat out the "incumbant" Gators.......... THAT's GOOD news! I'd never heard THAT story before! The catch in Osaka also gives me hope too!

I was also keeping my eye on Kato Swerango (sp?). I hope the same fate doesn't await D-Mac!

Come on D-MAC!!! Make the team!!

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