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Missing bin Laden-Saddam Link Found?

A U.S. federal judge and Democrat with strong ties to Al Gore says he's found a link between al-Qaeda's Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

According to the New York Post, federal appellate Judge Gilbert Merritt, currently in Iraq to help rebuild the country's judicial system, wrote that an Iraqi lawyer brought him documents that included the name of an Iraqi intelligence officer, Abid Al-Karim Muhamed Aswood, who was in that country's embassy in Pakistan and was described as "responsible for the coordination of activities with the Osama bin Laden group." In a dispatch to The Tennesseean newspaper Merrit wrote: "It seems to me to be strong proof that the two were in contact and conspiring to perform terrorist acts. Until this time, I have been skeptical about these claims. Now I have changed my mind."

In his dispatch Merrit wrote that the Iraqi lawyer recently brought him a Nov. 14, 2002, edition of a newspaper controlled by Saddam's sadistic son Uday that included photos of Saddam, bin Laden and a "List of Honor" - 600 names of "regime persons," including all 55 of the most-wanted deck-of-card Iraqis.

He added that the lawyer told him that Uday had published the list to make the men more loyal, but Saddam hit the roof when he saw it and sent his henchmen to confiscate the newspapers, even going door to door to force people to turn them over. The lawyer had kept his copy.

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That's how I look at it, until it's on CNN, FOX and MSNBC's front page, I'll withold judgement.

Also, just to add, being seen with or near someone and proving that they conspired together are 2 completely separate issues. Somehow, I bet that there have been criminals seen with bush, clinton or many other public figures at times in their lives.

That being said, I do believe that if there is a connection between Saddam and Osama, it will come to light.

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