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Deion and Jesus!


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http://espn.go.com/nfl/news/2003/0714/1580339.htmlFormer Cowboy sued over auto repair bill


Associated Press

DALLAS -- Former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders is battling an automotive shop over what he says Jesus told him to pay for a repair bill.

The owner of the repair shop says Sanders wanted to pay only $1,500 of the $4,265.57 bill, saying that Jesus had informed him that was all he needed to pay.

"It's the 'Praise Jesus' discount,'' attorney Ed Edson told The Dallas Morning News in Monday's editions.

Edson said he has been trying to collect the bill from Sanders since 2001 on behalf of Phil Compton, the owner of the car repair business.

Through court filings, the player says the accusations are untrue. Sanders' attorney, Edmund Gomez, did not return a telephone call early Monday from The Associated Press.

The lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial later Monday before state District Judge Joe Cox in Dallas County civil court.

Anthony Montoya, a representative for Sanders, had contacted Compton and told him a 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible needed to be towed to his shop for repairs. The car had been repaired before by Compton.

Papers filed in his lawsuit stated that he and his mechanics installed a new radiator and thermostat, flushed the engine, repaired the car's electrical system and gauges, replaced the starter motor, removed contaminated fuel and rebuilt the carburetor. Mechanics for Magrathea Inc., Compton's company, had replaced gaskets and hoses.

Sanders had approved and Montoya had approved all the repairs, according to the lawsuit. But when the car was returned to the CBS sportscaster's home in Plano on Nov. 5, 2001, Compton said Pilar Sanders, the former Cowboy's wife, "answered the door, took the keys and invoices, started the car to make sure it was working and went back into the locked house, refusing to return the keys or invoices.''

Sanders' bodyguards and housekeepers then moved their cars in front of and behind the Lincoln so that it couldn't be towed back to the garage, the lawsuit stated.

When Sanders drove up, he refused to pay the invoice amount, handing Compton a $1,500 check and saying, "Praise Jesus ... I follow what in my heart I'm told to pay.''

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i wonder if Jesus told him to dress like Willie Wonka.

Have mercy! De LAWD done told me to dress like a fool, and he told me that this job ain't worth that kind o' money!

y'know, listening to how football players and such carry on about God in their lives, I really have to think that if God would get off his duff and quit worrying about football so much, maybe the world would be a nicer place.

Remember the Rams? Man, if they took a piss, it was glorious and Jesus was right there with them at the urinal. Every pass they completed was like some divine blessing. Every run was a holy crusade.

So, last year when they fell on their face, what happened? Did they forget to sacrifice a goat or a virgin or something? You'd think that if they REALLY took all that claptrap SERIOUSLY, when things went so HORRIBLY wrong for them last year, they would have had bigger things to worry over than their football game. I mean, clearly God was PISSED OFF for some reason, and I doubt it was because he didn't cover the spread in the previous Super Bowl...

And if that cheeses off any of you super-religious types, don't worrry, Jesus told me that most of you won't take me seriously anyway, and those of you that do should lighten up. He also told me I am paying too much for cable television, so i have a phone call to make, and Comcast will NOT be happy about it.


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Sanders is such a tragic figure. I listened to an interview of him on 980 when he came to DC and I didn't hear a man of God speaking. He was arrogant and condescending, not to mention HIGHLY defensive. He walked with millions of dollars that came directly out of cap space. He's as phony as they come and always will be. Time wounds all heels so his punishment is coming.

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<Disengage PC Meter>

Deoin and Jesus?

Those two woulda made an okay secondary, I guess.

In his prime, Deion was as good a cover corner as I’ve ever seen.

Jesus I’m not so sure about, though. They say he was a great locker room guy and all, and definitely maxed out on his God-given ability ... but word was, in man coverage you could take him out of his game with some choice trash talk. He’d turn the other cheek, and boom – you could smoke him with an out move.

Hard to say, though. Different eras and all.

<Re-engage PC Meter>

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There is nothing worse than pulling the Jesus card.

Have ye no shame, brother Deion?

At least they intro'd the story with "former Dallas Cowboys cornerback". After that, you knew the story was going to be f*'d up.

Can we call the year he was in Washington a mulligan? I hereby vow to block out all memories of Deion in that burgundy and gold suit. I will go to my grave swearing that he was never a Redskin. In my heart, I know that is what Jesus would do. ;)

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Don't forget that the Redskins picked up Sanders after the Cowboys got rid of him. I suppose the Cowboys will have to live with him being principally identified as a "former Dallas Cowboy" as long as he lives in Dallas or attends court there, though he is more recently a Redskin. I think his rights are the property of the Chargers now, but his heart is with the Redskins. After all, your man gave him the chance to join the Bucs for their Super Bowl run, even if Marty scotched it.

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Guys, c'mon now. I think you're all being far too harsh on the Neon One here. I mean, these are just allegations that he tried to use the Jesus Card on this mechanic. There are no ironclad facts proving that he actually did. And given the restrained and respectful way in which Deion has made reference to God and Jesus in the past, I'm sure that these allegations against him are totally bogus.


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Why do I find this so funny? I personally have a testimony of Jesus the Christ, my lord, my savior, and friend. Am I the only one that finds this just a little "sacra-eligous" ????. I feel like the Lord is shaking his head at me every time a snicker when I read these post.

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