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Game Recap Through My Eyes


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Just watched the game in its entirety and here's my recap:

For all you JC bashers, well he played a pretty decent game today, if not for the dropped passes by Thomas and Sellars he would have had two passing TD's today. He picked us some key 3rd down plays when they were needed and scrambled effectively today.

Portis is hard runner however he no longer has the explosiveness that we need in a back. I'm not giving up on him he still has another year or two however we definitely need to draft a RB in the draft next year.

Cooley is the man and ARE is showing that he is definitely a playmaker in the slot.

Redzone continues to be our achilles heal. Everytime we get the ball in the redzone I have no confidence at all that we will score and today proves why my confidence level is low. Four times in the redzone without a TD.

Haynesworth is a very disruptive man and is proving why he is the best DT in the game today!

D Hall is very overrated!! we paid him waaaaay to much!! He continues to get burned every week!!

Orakpo will be a beast in this league before all is said and done, we had constant QB pressure however always a half second late.

Greg Blanche is not a good D coordinator, his blitz schemes are pretty pathetic!!! For some reason he still wants our DBs to give 10 yd cushions.

Zorn playcalling today was much better however he still is not a head coach. Danny Smith had to yell at him to not call timeout near end of game. He needed to call time-out however more time needed to run off the clock.. The defense (as pathetic as we played today on 3rd downs) bailed him out at the end of the game when we went for it on 4th and goal and failed to convert.

Overall anyone who is a fan is please that we won but should not be pleased with todays performance as well sucked BIG TIME!!! If we don't play any better next week I guarantee you will will lose. This team has waaay to much talent than what we're showing on the field..

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