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The Rams are a Joke


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LOL I found this jokes at http://myusm.com/usm301100.html. Some are pretty eff'n funny. I had to update a few but here you go, enjoy.

If you have any add your own

Q) What do Billy Graham and The St. Louis Rams have in common. A) The both can make A crowd of 70,000 stand up and yell Jesus Christ.

Q) What is the best way to keep Marc Bulger from Buglarizing your home. A) Put an Endzone in your from yard.

Q) Why is St. Louis area safe from Tornadoes. A) There are no touchdowns

Q) What is the Difference between the St. Loius Rams and a Dollar Bill A) You get 4 quarters from a dollar bill.

Q) What does the St. Loius Rams and a Opposum have in common. A) They both play dead at home and get killed on the road.

Q) Why can't you trust the St. Louis Rams with you money and Valueble items. A) They loose.

Q) What is the Difference between the St. Louis Rams and the Taliban. A) The Taliban has a running game.

Q) Why can't you say let's go Rams. A) The players thing that you are saying let's go and loose.

Q) Why are the coaches upset that their playbook was stolen. A) No one got finish coloring it yet.

There was this kid testifying in a divorce case, both parents want him. The judge told him," Ok, I have decided that you are going to live with you Mother." The kid says "No, I don't want to live with her." Judge says "Why not." the kid says "She beats me." The judge says, "Ok, how about your father." The kid says "No" Judge says why, the kid says "He beats me." Then the judge says, "You don't want to live with you mother, or father, then who do you want to live with." The kid says, "I want to live with the St. Loius Rams." The judge says "Why" The kid says, " I hear they don't beat anybody."

Edit: I thought I was in ATN, if this needs to be over there please adjust for me mods

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