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This One goes out to Jusitn Staggs

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He has been one of my Fav. Skins for the short time he has been with us. I Kept track of his stats in NFL Europe, (Which he did great in). I've always pulled for him to make the team. I never got to see him play, besides Pre-Season. I'm always partial to underdogs, but with his injury and with all the Talent at Wr he is problay going to be cut. His story is great, in which he made viedos and sent them to every team to try to at least get them to look at him. And fourtanley it worked, he has always practiced hard, and never cried about not playing. Well Staggs I wish you the best. :cheers:

:dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck I couldn't help myself

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I appreciate your participation here, but PLEASE PLEASE learn to spell the names of your 'favorite players'.

You wouldn't want people to think you're a Dallas fan masquerading as a Skins fan, would you?:cool:

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