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I've been wondering ways that we can go about keeping 6 WR's on the roster and 4 RB's. The way I see it is that we just keep one TE on the roster. Hopefully Robert Royal who we drafted last year can come in and beat out Flemister so that we can feel confident in our TE going into the season. I read all this about how little the SS offense relies on the TE so this shouldn't be such a big problem.

I dont see many problems with this. We could suffer in something like a goal line offense or out Jumbo package, but we can always allocate somebody like Tre as a TE and conquer it like that. Then we can put in our backup FB's in as the other TE and go like that.

That being said, I figure that I would state the guys that I think will make the team if we do it like this.














Robert Royal

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Doesn't Wood**** have the same speed that Johnson has? I think that the ability to catch the ball places him above Johnson. What may knock him back down is his lack of experience in the NFL, but then again he's competing for positions 3 through 6. I dont think you need the most experience to play that position.

Plus the injury bell rings Wood****'s way as well.

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Here's how you keep 10 RBs & WRs...

2 K/P (Hall, Barker)

3 QB (Ramsey, Johnson, Hamdan or Banks)

2 FB (Johnson, Cartwright)

3 TE (Flem, Royal, Stephens)

1 C (Moore)

4 G (Thomas, Fiore, Johnson, Friedman)

4 T (Samuels, Jansen, Dockery, Jones or Sulfsted)

1 LS (Albright)

4 DT (BDW, Noble, Haley, Cowsette)

4 DE (Upshaw, Wynn, Smith, Jackson)

2 MLB (Trotter, Mitchell)

4 OLB (LaVar, Armstead, Clemons, Pierce)

5 CB (Champ, Smoot, Bauman, Molden, Jimoh or Mance)

2 SS (Ohalete, Lott)

2 FS (Bowen, Terrell)

+ 6 WR (Gardner, Coles, Jacobs, Johnson, McCants, Russell) and 4 RB (Canidate, Betts, Watson, Morton)= 53

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