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UKPA: Unwanted fat for breast enlargement


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Unwanted fat for breast enlargement

Women are to be offered "natural breast enlargements" using unwanted fat from other parts of their bodies, it has been announced.

The technique will be made available "early next year", according to the Harley Medical Group.

It has been trialled in Britain following a 10-year study on global developments within fat grafting.

Dubbed the "two in one" operation, surgeons transfer a patient's unwanted fat from areas such as the hips, thighs and stomach into the breast area.

The procedure is likely to cost around £8,000 when it becomes commercially available.

Two of the medical group's surgeons have already been trained in the US, with a further delegation of eight surgeons to be trained in the procedure before the end of this year.

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Love it. Fake boobs suck.

I disagree completely. It is not realistic to expect many 5'9" 105 pound 22 year olds to have a C cup naturally.

I assume that this method would result in flabby ones. Probably better off without the procedure than with it.

They have been doing this with lip injections for years. The body ends up absorbing the fat as well. It will require repeat treatments probably.

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