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Supplemental Draft Thoughts By Allen Trieu


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Supplemental Draft Thoughts

By Allen Trieu

The Supplemental Draft is upon us and of course, for hardcore

draftniks, it's just a few more things to research and a few more names to add to the database. But the supplemental draft, logically, does not receive the fanfare that the regular draft does, so I'll give it some time right here.

Tony Hollings, really the only player worth mentioning in this

supplemental draft is a good player to play good move bad move with. Good move: entering the supplemental draft and not transferring to a D-1AA school. You know, it's sad to see a player leave college without winning a SWAC title but Tony had to put Tony first in this situation. Bad Move: Not getting Drew Rosenhaus as his agent.

I mean, that guy can make a busted knee read like a 4.1 forty in the stat column. Actually, I hear that tomorrow, Rosenhaus will be calling Willis McGahee himself, just so teams will think McGahee is drawing interest in the supplemental draft.

Anyway, is Hollings worth the pick? I'm hearing Hollings may go as

high as the 3rd Round, which to me, is ludicrous. He had four good games, his only 4 games as a RB and then blew out his knee. Now he's essentially a first day pick? Is it that easy? Hollings was impressive, very impressive in fact during his brief stint as the Yellow Jackets' workhorse. But he's proven little, and he's probably not

going to be able to go straight to camp and be 100%, so he's going to

need some time. And I'm sure NFL teams know this. Which is why I'm banking no one takes a shot on Hollings until the 5th Round.

Then there is the whole set-up of the supplemental draft...why is a

selection here deemed equivalent to a selection in April? Just a thought, I'm not going to question the NFL, after all, they have built football into America's pastime (although, if you've seen a baseball game recently, that accomplishment just seems less and less impressive).

The day after the NFL Draft, the reports for next year start coming

out. I mean, as soon as this year's draft ended, you already heard talks of Roy Williams and Eli Manning. So, on July 11, I expect every website to have a look ahead at the prospects for next year's Supplemental Draft. I don't just want names, I want class schedules, GPA, current blood alcohol level and complete legal records, and mug shots when applicable. I hear Adrian McPherson is already filing papers for next year's Supplemental Draft (wasn't there a USFL team called the Gamblers? Nevermind).

Anyway, at least this gave us something to talk about and stick it

through until early August, my gosh it's been a boring summer, at least

from a sports perspective. When 12,000 people show up for an NBA summer league game, granted it's LeBron, I mean, come on, you live in Orlando. Actually, if I lived in Orlando I probably would have been front and center, but then again, what the hell does that have to do with the supplemental draft?

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