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In their own words

By John Pappas

Warpath Confidential Editor

The Washington Redskins fought and lost a tough game in New York on Sunday. The loss to a divisional opponent left the Redskins somber as they prepared to leave the stadium that has been so unkind to them.

Before they left however, we asked players to explain what happened in their own words. Some spoke about specific plays or situations in the game. Others discussed the effort overall and what the team needs to do to get on track.

Ladell Betts

We definitely had our chances. We were at 17-10 with the ball, so we had our chance to be in the game and win the game. We just didn’t get it done.

Everybody knows the Giants have a good defensive line. We came into the game knowing that it was going to be tough and that they were going to come out firing in the first half. So we weathered the storm and we bounced back. We fought back, but we just didn’t have enough in the end I guess.

I think guys had mistakes here and there, including myself. No-one played perfect. So we’re going to have to go in there, look at the film, and figure out how we can all play better.

Andre Carter

When it is third down, and they get a first down, it’s frustrating. You want to grind your teeth, but you can’t think about it. The thing it will do is linger in your head and you’re not going to be successful. Coach Blache always says, ‘when one play is over, go on to the next down.’ That’s just being a pro.

You’ve just got to play ball. It’s football. You’ve got to be persistent. You’ve got to keep going. It’s your inner will as an individual, as a defensive player to go for it and say, ‘never again.’

We are 0-1. This was a bad game. Now we’ve got to focus on the next game.

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