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Can we offer our 1st rounder to the Raiders for Seymour and the Raiders D-coordinator


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I'm kidding of course, but Seriously, is everyone out there on the east coast watching the game between the Raiders & Chargers?

There is no way in hell the Raiders have better personnel on defense than us, but they are running a man coverage scheme, pressuring the WRs/TEs.....

Their D-line is all over the place, Seymour doesn't practice with the Raiders for more than a day and he has two sacks.

Greg Ellis who was discarded by the Cowboys and who would have come at a much cheaper price then 100 million dollars, has a sack and is pushing the Chargers O-line back.

I look at the Raiders defense tonight and I see what our defense could look and play like if we had a different coordinator running the show.

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What the hell was San Deigo's secondary thinking? They just let him run right by on 4th & 15.....really? Woooow.

Did we even have one play call that went for a pass like that?

I would strongly suggest you turn off the tv right now.

If you watch, you are likely to see just how easily and how quickly SD can move the ball 90 yards down the field.

It takes us half the game to do it.

For them? Probably in less than a minute.

Very depressing. Ignorance is bliss.

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Anyone else think Sproles(sp?) was quietly making a case tonight that he should be the featured RB in San Diego now?

He is definately faster and quicker than LT right now.

Well the Raiders lose, but it was a hell of a game.

I dunno what to think, I see teams like the Raiders that are supposed to be a bottom 5 team in the league, but they score more points in a game then we do, take more shots, get better pass protection.

If the Raiders had any kind of decent QB playing for them tonight they definately win this game. Despite that nice pass that gave them the lead late, JaMarcus was pretty crappy overall.

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we dont run a pressure defense. we never will. im hoping haynesworth complains enough for blache to change his system to fit haynesworth a little better but im not holding my breath.

and the raiders D just got man handled by rivers in the 4th quarter. awesome QBing by rivers after a bad start. both winning QBs tonight turned it on when it counted.

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