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ESPN/Schefter: Garcia and Eagles Agree to Terms


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Just came across as breaking news at the end of sportscenter...Link forthcoming

On ESPNs homepage it has a link stating "Sources: Eagles and Garcia agree to terms" but the link isn't to that story. It should be ups shortly

Schefter on NFL Live, confirms the Garcia to Eagles deal and says former Eagle and Dolphins great AJ Feeley has signed with the Carolina Panthers

link finally up


PHILADELPHIA -- Donovan McNabb is not ruling himself out for the Eagles' game against New Orleans next Sunday despite suffering a cracked rib on Sunday. Philadelphia got some insurance on Monday, just in case.

The Eagles reached agreement with quarterback Jeff Garcia, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Monday. Garcia, a 10-year veteran, played for Philadelphia in 2006 and went 5-1 in six starts in relief of an injured McNabb.

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I couldn't help but burst out laughing when I heard this. Am I the only one who sees the potential disaster in waiting here? Vick, Kolb, McNabb and now Gracia? Seriously? You want to talk about potential QB controversy?

Philly fans won't know who to chant for when McNabb starts suckig

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Now the Eagles have 3 QBs on their roster better than Jason Campbell. :D

Tr1 should love this move. He talked constantly about how great Garcia was when the Eagles didn't resign him.

This move tells me the Eagles are serious about winning the games that McNabb can't start and that they know Kolb isn't the answer.

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DM is done in Philly.

Care to give a time reference on that? Done right now; never to start again? Done at the end of this year? Done in 2 years? Done in 3 years?

I think you love the potential drama but hate the move because it makes the Eagles stronger so you will incorrectly assert this is going to hurt the Eagles and McNabb instead of correctly focusing on that this is an indictment of Kolb more than anyone.

Jason Campbell! Ha!

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Yes, Feeley was cut after training camp. He signed with Carolina because they can offer him a job for the entire season, while the Eagles can only really offer a job for the next two weeks.

They needed to sign a QB before this weekend. It was obviously going to be either Feeley or Garcia, since those two already knew the system. Once Feeley signed with Carolina, it was an easy decision to sign Garcia.

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