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That was the hardest hole on the course, and we par'd it!!!!(Merged)


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That is absolute b/s. The Giants are good, but not great. We did have an opportunity to stay in the game, and perhaps win ... IF we played with heart, desire, and purpose.

If you already concede to the other team because you think they are better, why bother showing up?

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After the devastating loss to the defending division champions at the tune of 23-17 the Washington Redskins should just forfeit the rest of their games and focus on 2010. No team could ever recover from a loss that bad. This means a new QB, Coaching Staff and potentially... nevermind I won't even entertain that thought.

Give me a break. You can't predict what happens in the NFL from one year to the next. You can't draw conclusions about a team based on how they performed in the previous season. Take the 2007 Giants into consideration. They give up a total of 70 points in the first two games of the season and Tom Caughlin is on the hot seat. There are rumors abound, if he loses the next game he will be fired shorly after the game. Next thing you know The Giants rattle off 6 wins in a row enroute to a unbelieveable run that is capped by defeating the 18-0 New England Patriots in the Superbowl.

Also, look at the 2008 Arizona Cardinals. A franchise that has been buired in the bottom half of the NFL for as long as I can remember. They squeak into the playoffs, hell that back into the playoffs like Perez Hilton running through a corn field. Next thing you know, they are riding the momentum wave all the way to the SuperBowl and are one late game TD away from stealing that game as well.

What about the 2008 Miami Dolphins? Didn't this team go 11-5 and win their division? I could be wrong but didn't this team one year earlier go 1-15? Somebody didn't tell the Dolphins that they couldn't improve year to year. Somebody didn't tell the Dolphins that what they did the year before is a direct reflection on your team this year. Nobadoy told the Dolphins that when you drop the first two games of the season after going 1-15 that you are destined for failure.

The moral of the story is simple and is what makes the NFL so great. There will always be some team that seems to be down and out. One team that no one expects to do anything. One team that completely surprises everyone and makes an improbable run. The 2009 Washington Redskins have the talent on the roster to be that team. Will it happen, maybe, maybe not, but I will have a great time watching the 2009 season unfold!


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