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How many more times do we have to see Moss totally shutdown?(merged)

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IMO, Moss stands out a few plays a game, few more a year but often he's held at the LOS like yesterday evening never to get into the game. Yes he's a deep threat due to speed but on the outside the CB can use the sideline to his advantage. Could he be a outstanding slot guy (ie. WW in NE) but I like ARE in the role better. IMO lets start now put Thomas and Kelly on the field or, Kelly and Mitchell on the field and go for it. Let not do a vintage Gibbs and stick with the vet too long as he did with MB when clearly he should have played JC in the game against Dallas way back when BP started Romo sits to pee against us in DC. At least we'll know what we have for the future.

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IF Moss worked and wanted to win as bad as the Giants Defensive backs then Campbell would have not been intercepted and Moss would have been coming back for the ball and not quiting on the route.

There's pleanty of blame to go around as we all know, Zorn and JC, we know they're not coming back next year, but it's time to come to the conclusion that Moss is not a #1. Number ones do not get totally shutdown as often as he does. Good coverage is one thing, but he was totally a non factor out there today.
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Yeah Moss would do great on those teams because they would use him in the slot where he belongs.

At best he could be a great slot WR. I would prefer to see Kelly, Thomas or Mitchel on the outside and Moss in the slot. They need to try something new and fresh. This is the same stuff they showed last year. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK!

HIGH 5! You put him where El is right now and he is going to make more plays because he doesnt fall like El does. To bad they will never do it.

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Dude- Webster has quietly turned into an elite corner. Here are the stats from the top 10 corners for 2008.edit: link coming soon.

  • 1. Nnamdi Asomugha, Oakland Raiders Season Totals: 29 attempts, 4.97 YPA, 62.07 Forced INC%, 0 TDs, 1 INT
  • 2. Corey Webster, New York Giants Season Totals: 66 attempts, 3.92 YPA, 65.15 Forced INC%, 1 TD, 3 INTs
  • 3. Darrelle Revis, New York Jets Season Totals: 72 attempts, 4.96 YPA, 51.39 Forced INC%, 1 TD, 5 INTs
  • 4. Charles Woodson, Green Bay Packers Season Totals: 65 attempts, 5.69 YPA, 56.92 Forced INC%, 0 TDs, 7 INTs
  • 5. Sheldon Brown, Philadelphia Eagles Season Totals: 63 attempts, 4.84 YPA, 44.44 Forced INC%, 0 TDs, 1 INT
  • 6. Chris Johnson, Oakland Raiders Season Totals: 49 attempts, 5.39 YPA, 53.06 Forced INC%, 1 TD, 3 INTs
  • 7. Ron Bartell, St. Louis Rams Season Totals: 93 attempts, 5.77 YPA, 48.39 Forced INC%, 2 TDs, 3 INTs
  • 8. Carlos Rogers, Washington Redskins Season Totals: 105 attempts, 5.69 YPA, 47.62 Forced INC%, 4 TDs, 2 INTs
  • 9. Brandon Flowers, Kansas City Chiefs Season Totals: 66 attempts, 4.83 YPA, 34.85 Forced INC%, 0 TDs, 2 INTs
  • 10. Samari Rolle, Baltimore Ravens Season Totals: 44 attempts, 4.07 YPA, 52.27 Forced INC%, 0 TDs, 3 INTs

Statistically the second best corner in the league last year, with his only TD given up to TO in week 9.

so if corey that good,,what does that say about moss..that is cannot do nothing against top 10 conerbacks,,of so he sucking than~!:doh:

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When David Patten came here, he was totally ineffective and did nothing for us. In New England he was a solid, if unspectacular receiver who had pretty good yards and touchdowns. After he left here and went to New Orleans he suddenly looked like he did in New England.

When Brandon Lloyd played in SF he was a legit receiver capable of making big plays. When he came here he was worthless in every conceiveable way. He went to the Bears last year and produced more in a few games than he did for us in two seasons.

Wes Welker was a 600 yard receiver in Miami. New England picked him up and suddenly he doubles his yardage and catches more passes than anyone in the league. Was he "shut down" in Miami or was he playing on a crappy team with a crappy QB?

It is not a coincidence that WRs often seem to get "shut down" in Washington. We rarely have the QB play to support them. Santana Moss is no Fitzgerald, Johnson, or um....Moss, but he is a terrific talent capable of winning games on his own. Put him on a competent offense with a QB capable of hitting WRs in stride and he can be a top 10 receiver in this league.

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Moss is still a borderline #1. Obviously he would be incredible in the slot, but he has done his job as a #1 with little help over the last few years, and we're only a couple years removed from a 1500 yard season for him. Ideally, I'd love to see two of Thomas/Kelly/Mitchell on the outside and Moss in the slot, but we don't really have that option right now.

It really looked to me like Moss might've had another tweaked hammy or something. He did not look like he was running full speed at all, especially on that (terribly thrown) bomb from Campbell. He just didn't look 100% the whole game, and everyone knows he's good to miss a game or two every year. The guy is a track star, and if you take away that speed and quickness, he's really not a threat at all.

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