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PRIVATE MESSAGING: Your Indulgence, Please


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I have recently had a few attempted PM's returned, saying the recipient's PM box was "full" ... then had the poster advise me that to their knowledge it was not. If you are a regular user of the PM feature, please make the following check:

1) Go to UserCP

2) Select "View All Private Messages."

3) In the "Show Messages From" draw-down window, just above the Folders list on the left side (which is probably defaulted to 5 days) ... Click the down arrow, scroll down, and Select "the beginning."

You MAY just find a huge collection of old PM's that you have not previously deleted. Feel free to delete those varmints.

4) Select "Sent Items" ... and repeat process as necessary.

5) Select "Message Tracking" ... repeat process as necessary.

You may discover, as I did a while back, that you have scads of old PM's - both Inbox and Sent Items - that you had no idea were there. Deleting them will not only free up your PM space, but, if it turns out a few hundred posters ALL find a bunch of these cyber-undead critters and delete them, the site will regain a fair amount of storage space. Not that it needs it, but hey, every bit helps ... and my woman always tells me a little housecleaning is a good thing. :)

Thanks for the help.

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Its just our well-earned respect that keeps your mailbox empty Candy....remember for we red-blooded American males, theres a fine line between admiration and stalking.

We just don't want to creep you out.

Now if you wanted to pm us.....

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Thank you for the kind and gentlemanly words. I should probably not have said anything, however, because I only get to come on here so infrequently these days I am afraid I would not get to messages regularly anyway. I know how frustrated I can get when people do not respond to my e-mails or phone calls, so I think would be similar. I just could not resist the opportunity to pout a little I guess. ;)

Now about those pictures............ I do not remember actually promising pictures of me in Vegas, but I will think about maybe posting some of the ones I have tucked safely away from a couple of other memorable times. But gosh......... first I would have to make sure those kinds of pictures are something the administrators of this fine web site would approve of. ;) :laugh:

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Don't know if anyone actually did this ... but thanks to those who mighta.

Candy, I appreciate your concerns over the appropriateness of posting certain kinds of pictures of yourself on these pages. In that spirit, and fully in agreement with your expressed reservations, I volunteer my services as intermediary. Please feel free to forward any potentially questionable shots you might be considering to my attention, via PM. You have my word that I will most carefully scrutinize them for content ... and will advise you shortly thereupon as to whether they meet our high standards.

Thank you. :)

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]

REDHEAD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :drool:

I loooooooooooove redheads!!!!! :drool: :notworthy

You love redheads?

I think that's just a slip of the tongue ... don't you mean red-SKINS??

Methinks that would be one step in the right direction ...

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