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I do love my wife, but damn..

She's up in NYC attending a mandatory seminar for her job, and she flies back in tomorrow. Flight lands at 5PM.. which means to be on time I must leave at around 3:15... to return by about 7:30 or so..

I do believe DVR may have saved my marriage.

But now I have to try to not hear even a peep about the game until I get back.


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For those figuring the taxi is the easy answer, note I said I had a 1 hour and 45 minute drive to the airport..

Would anyone like to donate to the taxi fund?

I figure four or five hundred bucks should cover it;

...for that I could fly to NY myself and go to the game.

Besides, I already tried to get her to stay in NYC one more day and shop, come home on Monday, but no, she's got too much work.

Anyway, DVR is it. so why y'all are wayching the Bears and Packers, I'll be watching the Redskins..

(I used to have a job that had me working every sunday... in 1991. I watched every game of our last super bowl season on tape. This may be a good omen!)


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