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Redskins Fan club in the Seattle Area


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For all of you Redskins fans in the Seattle area who are looking for some fellow "Redskin Family" to watch the games with on Sundays, please send me a private message. We have a group of guys that have watched games together for a few years and also tailgated pretty hard when we played the seachickens.

We are trying to get more people together so that I can go to some local sports bars and negotiate in order for us to get good seating, big tvs, and in exchage we will continue to use their bar.

That's how the freaking Steelers fans do it and why every freaking city has a steeler's bar.

Sorry for any inconvience for you fans not in Seattle for the thread.

Also, if anyone knows how I can search users in a specific area, can you please also let me know via private message?




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