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PFT: Aaron Ross out for Giants.


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We've got two 6'4" WRs. Send them deep and throw it up for grabs to whichever one isn't doubled. With rookie corners it's a recipe for pass interference.

Exactly what i was thinking when i heard this news. Mitchell and Kelly outside, Moss in the slot. If the safeties both go deep to help out on the outside, go to Moss underneath. If one comes up, go deep to the one in single coverage. Even if we miss they have to respect the long pass then and Portis will have room. If our Offensive line gives Campbell any kind of reasonable time to throw, our Offense should move the ball easily.

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I really hope Marko is active for the giants game. Having Malcolm, Marko, Moss, Thomas, & A.R.E. active give us almost unlimited options for creating mismatches for their defense. The Oline really needs to start strong so we can stretch the field and force them to keep their linebackers in pass coverage.

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