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      ES Coverage Cowboys vs Redskins 2019
      Do I look like I'm playing? I'm not playing. This is the Washington Redskins versus the Dallas Cowboys. If you are a fan of this game, and this one does not get you excited you might want to check your pulse.
      Hello my friends it is I, JimmiJo, back for another year of this wonderful thing we call Redskins Football. This makes season 14 for me. I am joined by The Spaceman Spiff who will hereafter be known as "The Spaceman Spiff." 
      Where's that dude that gets the big tattoos on his back? There's his next one.
      So how important is this game? I don't know. What is the different between 1-1 and 0-2? The difference between batting .500 and zippy?
      Throw in that this is their 2nd division game to start the year AND a home game and you have a critical match.
      And once again they contend with critical injuries to start the year. Last year it was  their rookie star running back. This year its their 2nd year star...well you get the rest.  Darrius Guice is gone and not coming back this year. I think this really hurts him moving forward. Not sure who will build a scheme around him given his first two seasons.
      So it is down to the veteran Adrian Peterson. I have no worries of ring rust for hum. None whatsoever. He knows what to do.
      Anyway, almost time. Please share your thoughts.
      Stand by...
      The Redskins declared the following players as inactive:
      o   No. 12 QB Colt McCoy
      o   No. 23 CB Quinton Dunbar
      o   No. 31 Fabian Moreau
      o   No. 64 C Ross Pierschbacher
      o   No. 67 G Wes Martin
      o   No. 86 TE Jordan Reed
      o   No. 93 DT Jonathan Allen
      The Cowboys declared the following players as inactive:
      o   No. 10 WR Tavon Austin
      o   No. 37 S Donovan Wilson
      o   No. 57 LB Luke Gifford
      o   No. 61 C Adam Redmond
      o   No. 69 G Brandon Knight
      o   No. 79 DT Trysten Hill
      o   No. 97 DE Taco Charlton
      Follow along in-game at Twitter @Skinscast 


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I won't even lie.

When we drafted him, I said he'd never be a good NFL player.

Anybody mind punching me in the face a couple of times?

:box: :slap: :stick: :gang:

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