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TEN @ PIT Game Thread


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Can't blame him too much lol...when I woke up one of the first things I thought was "Football starts tonight!" lol :D...didn't matter if it wasn't the Skins, the games finally start counting and the results are REAL.
I was thinking the same thing on the way to work listening to the radio. I dont care if its not the Skins I just love football. I cant wait to crack open a beer and sit back and watch the football season start. It needs to hurry up and be 5pm so I can get off work already!!!
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Unfortunately I'm not sure if TEN is going to do much this year...Without AH, and with Collins being a year older, he's no Kurt Warner... They just havent played that well this preseason either.
The big thing that will help TEN is their run game. If the offensive line can block well they will put up good numbers rushing again and that will help take pressure off Collins.
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