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Inside the NFL- Simms, Sapp, Look out for the Redskins

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Hmm when did Inside The NFL get moved to Showtime? I only have HBO lol

I was looking for it on HBO.. hadnt had HBO for like 7 years so i was excited.. what a downer LOL

It moved last year after HBO canceled the show due to the cost of NFL Films use. That is why the cast in different also.


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Yeah, I thought Sapp gave us some love earlier in the pre-season.

I am starting to get a good vibe. When was the last time we had a signature win to start a season? 91 when we blew the doors off the Lions 45-0! Now, I don't think we could do that to the G-Men in NY but I would love a win that is not in doubt after the 3rd quarter. An opening game that makes a statement. Pass early and often, get up on them and then just take the air out of the ball in the second half.

I would not count on a blowout win in NY against the Giants. Even when we were really good the Giants always seem to match up well against us.

I am hoping for a win tomorrow in the swamp but I think as usual it will go down to the wire and we will be sitting on the edges of our seats.

I really hope I am wrong because I love it when I do not have to pace around the room and then walk away from the TV half a dozen times or peer through my fingers etc etc etc.

We have all been there and I for once would love to sit back and enjoy just one game where we have it put away by the start of the 4th quarter!

My neighbor who is a Giants fan invited me over to watch the game so I will wear my Riggins jersey enjoy his food and drink and walk away a gracious winner.....NOT:dallasuck

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Remind me again what we've done to EARN that respect? On paper, sure, every offseason. On the field, not so much.

I really have to agree with you on this. For years I used to get really mad when the writers and other teams showed us no respect but then I thought hell what has this team done since the end of Joe Gibbs first tenure to earn respect???

You have to show something before you get talked about. I thought the only time since then is during Joe Gibbs 2nd tenure when we went 10-6 and beat TB in the playoffs and lost to a good Seattle team 20-10 that eventually went to the SB and was ripped by the officials against the Steelers. I really thought that next year we were going all the way only to have our dreams shattered once again.

This team has potential but every year we hear the same stuff and by mid season it becomes apparent to any of us that are not wearing rose colored glasses that this team does not have what it takes to go very far against top notch teams.

I knew that we were in trouble when the Steelers came into our house and absolutley handed us our heads last year. I knew then that we could not compete with teams of that caliber. I watched the Titans and Steelers last night and was envious at how good both teams looked defensilvley.

I hope this year is different but I am sure no matter how loyal a fan you are that there will be a defining moment against a very good oppenant that will be the yardstcik that the rest of the season will be measured. I am hoping that means we go into a tough stadium against a quality oppenant and dismantle them... Tomorrow at 4:15 would be a good start!!!

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I'd love for us to get at least a win by at least two touchdowns. That'd be perfect. We'd get the much earned respect, not only from the media, but from other teams in the league.

I'm pretty sure the Skins already have the respect of both.

The media has been slowly coming around on them this offseason 'til now and a lot of 'em are talking playoffs for Washington.

And consistently, the NFCE is considered the best divison top to bottom as every team is spoken about as a very difficult opponent.

As for the league, I don't think any teams take the NFCE teams for granted. It seems as if we (NFCE) get every other teams A game every time out.

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