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Position by Position, did the redskins improve or get worse


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to me the biggest issue is the oline staying healthy and,besides that it's between the youn wr's and the cb's.rogers needs to regain his shut down form of earlier last year and hall needs to continue to improve and barnes/smoot need to pick it up.if these thing happen and conitiue we could very well surprise the heck out of some teams.we have the ability now to ut pressure on the qb with out bliting,so that should help our secondary get int's and of the field on 3rd downs.which didn't happen enough last year.i would still like us to get another lb capable of starting.but wwanting and having are 2 diffrent things.

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I want you guys to rate the following positional categories and state weather you think we improved enough to make a difference or got worse as an overall unit. If the starters are better but maybe the depth isn't so good.

And is the improvement drastic enough to make this team a contender in the NFC?

+ improved enough to make a difference

= improved, but not enough or stayed the same

- got worse

? who knows?

OL: + JC will have more time and there is more depth

WR/TEs: + A healthy Malcolm Kelly and a more focused Thomas, ARE finally where he belongs...in the slot

QB: + 2nd year in the system, better OL, more weapons

RBs: = supposedly there will be more of a rotation to keep CP fresh, and Betts is supposed to be receiving option on 3rd down

Zorn: ?

DL: ++ Haynesworth, Jarmon, healthy Daniels, Wynn and Orakpo on 3rd downs

LBs: +Orkapo, Wilson and imo the depth has improved Henson over Fincher/K Campbell

DBs: -Rogers, Springs, Hall,Smoot > Rogers, Hall, Smoot, Tryon

K/P: ++ Hunter the Punter baby!:D

Return: = ARE is still the PR but he's on notice to quit dancing or someone will be back there

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