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What is the best way to secure single game tickets?


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My mom's friend from Maryland has a guy that has "PROMISED" to sell off to him 2 tickets to the Patriots game, lower level 40 yrd line. Now this is great, but being the pescemist(sp?) I am, I am not going to get TOO EXCITED until the tickets are in my mom's friends hands. The guy has more than 2 tickets, but said he would give him at least 2. Since he has more, it is making me a bit more comfortable about this whole situation. Now, with Snyder holding back tickets longer and longer before mailing them out, it seems the guy may not have them on July 15/16 like originally thought. If for some reason this plan does not work via the ticket holder changing his mind, I am still going to go, but I will have to buy tickets on the spot, and of course they won't be nearly as good as the seats are that the guy has.

So my question is, what is the best way to buy single game tickets? I am seeking 2 or more tickets to the Patriots game on Sept. 28th. Any help is need and appreciated. Thanks.

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yeah, tons of scalpers but i've never used scalped tickets. early in the season, scalped tix are over-priced. but later in the season, IF the Skins aren't doing well, like last year, you can get a good price on a good seat from a scalper. But yeah, make sure they're legit first.

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