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CooleyZone: Hunter Smith is Good at holding it


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You guys, this is hilarious- Must read on Cooley's blog about Hunter Smith having to pee during the game, finding his way to a public bathroom, where a dad says, "shouldn't you be in the game about now?"

and as I'm trying to post this, my computer is freezing on Cooley website. I'll do what I can to post the link and a small quote from the blog.


Hunter is standing on the sideline and makes the decision that he definitely has to take a piss. Now I've seen a variety of urinating options on the sideline ranging from taking a knee while a guy or two blocks off crowd vision, to offensive lineman being so lazy that they will actually just piss their pants. Usually they make the excuse that their legs are already soaked with sweat so it really doesn't matter. Yes this really does happen, I'm not using this for effect. Hunter chose what would have been way down my list and went with a more labor intensive effort.


"Stadiums always have bathrooms in the back tunnel so I just went to grab the security guy and was going to have him take me to the nearest one."

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