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An ESer moving to New York!


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Well, looks like my girlfriend and I will officially be relocating to New York City very very soon (a matter of weeks if not days). We have been working very hard on this since we graduated from college in May, and I'm very nervous/excited. I'll be in enemy territory, but reppin' the B&G all the time. I'd love any advice or words of support, especially from 'Skins fans living in the city. Any 'Skins bars I should be aware of? DirecTV is not an option, and I'd like to avoid watching online if I can.

Anyway, I've lived in Fredericksburg my entire life (23 years), went to school here, everything so this is a huge deal for me. I would love it if some ESers older and wiser than myself could give me some sage advice about going out into the big bad world. As silly as it sounds, ES has been a cornerstone of my formative years. I joined in 2001 (Marty was just bringing the team around after the 0-5 start), and I was more active back in those days, but I've visited almost every day since. ES is home to me, and it will be a great comfort when I'm getting settled in my new home in Brooklyn. You guys have been with me all through high school, through college, now when I'm moving into adulthood. So thanks.

Anyway, any support would be greatly appreciated. I'm excited but I'm also scared and you guys could really bolster my courage. Thanks.

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