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Mexican "Justice"


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"Chapman, a 50-year-old Hawaii-based bounty hunter, his son Leland and brother Timothy were arrested along with producer Jeff Sells and actor Boris Krutonog on June 18, about two hours after the group captured convicted rapist Andrew Luster (search) near a taco stand in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Prosecutors maintain that the dramatic capture of the Max Factor (search) cosmetics heir violated Mexican sovereignty. They say the Americans should have gone to police instead of trying to capture Luster themselves; being a bounty hunter is illegal in Mexico.

The Chapmans each could face up to eight years in prison if convicted on both counts.

Chapman, Leland and Timothy were released early Wednesday morning. The pass says they must return to Mexico in a few days to continue the legal process.

The group is charged with illegal deprivation of liberty after they captured Luster, who was convicted in absentia for 86 criminal counts, including rape.

Luster was deported June 19 and is serving his sentence in California.

On June 26, two members of Chapman's team, Sells and Krutonog, were released with charged dropped against them, but a Mexican judge ruled that there was enough evidence for Chapman, his brother and son to stand trial on criminal charges. Since being charged, they have been watched by a Mexican guard 24 hours a day."

Funny, but sad at the same time. What do you wanna bet that the rapist gets off with less jail time than the guy who caught him? :doh:

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[*]When you go to another country and act like you're a cop, then the other country has a right to object. (Even if you really are a cop somewhere else.) (Please, someone point this out to our Attourney General. And his boss.)

[*]At least they didn't insist on arresting the "cops" and releasing the rapist.


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This is true, by Mexican laws, there's no bounty hunting in Mexico, we have private eyes but they cannot bring a felon into custody, they have tolet the police do the arrest.

As bad as kidnappings are in Mexico City and in some resorts, these guys when capturing this rapist, by not being mexican cops they are kidnapping (depriving him from his liberty) a man and thus commiting a crime.

In Mexico if a crime penalty is below 5 years you can make bail, if it's above 5 years you stay in jail.

I believe that these guys will hae to serve time in the can.

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