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DC Sports Bog: DeAngelo Hall vs. J.J. Redick and Barack Obama


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I have always said that the one thing DeAngelo Hall needs to work on is his self esteem and confidence

DeAngelo Hall has done a pretty fine job endearing himself to D.C. fans, making plays on the field, not making a ruckus off it, and repeatedly proclaiming his love of this franchise and this area. But just in case that wasn't good enough, on Monday afternoon he embarked on an extended discussion of his basketball superiority to J.J. Redick.

"I used to do J.J. Redick," Hall said when discussing his amateur hoops career. "I used to give him that work."

Come again?

"Kill him," Hall explained.

See, basketball was Hall's first love and the sport he took most seriously, so he competed in high-level AAU tournaments with and against guys like Jarrett Jack, Rashad McCants, John Gilchrist and, yes, Redick. He and Redick were teammates when they were about 15 or 16, but the season before that, Hall's Chesapeake team had won a state AAU title over Redick's squad.

"He was like the best player in the state," Hall recalled. "He had averaged like 32 a game. I went for like 31, he had like 12....He was so easy [to guard]. You just deny him the ball. You know what I'm saying, he wasn't quicker than me, more athletic than me. I don't know why guys didn't just do that the whole season, just deny him the ball. We went box and 1, that's all we did, and I manned him up."

Hall has apparently bragged about his performance against Redick for years, to his wife, his friends and his NFL teammates, telling everyone how he "used to whip his ass." One acquaintance finally asked Redick to confirm the story, and the Dukie called Hall to dispute his version.

"I said, 'Man, you crazy, I whooped y'all ass, that's how I got a state championship and you don't,' " Hall said. "We was just joking back and forth. I mean, the [stuff's] documented. He had 12 points, I had 32. I checked him. I shut him down. I mean, you can lie about it all you want, but it's on film."

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