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The War Room - Analysis - 7/1/2003


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Dawkins got the money in Philly which means he's due for a drop off. They lost Barber and Douglas and before that Trotter. How can they be as good as they were last year? Injuries will also be telling here. Who could have predicted San Diego's rebound in the first half of the season last year?

People said all kinds of complimentary things about Spurrier last year about being an offensive genius and a gifted coach, did all that go out the window? What people said last year is MORE likely to happen in the second year of Spurrier. Grossman was a great quarterback by his sophmore year so perhaps Ramsey will have a similar rise. I think we are more likely to be a much better team this year.

I think that Shockey has gotten so much attention that he is buoying the Giants. Great player, but he isn't going to surprise anyone this year. Think defensive coordinators aren't going to figure out how to neutralize Shockey this year? Bet on it.

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