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Nicknames for players that may or may not make the team


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It seems alot of people are on edge lately with all the campbell talk but Ive decided to let some of the more unknown players "atleast to non-redskin fans" shine in this thread. So lets give players like Marko, Dorsey, Mason. etc some love and lets think of some great nicknames for these guys

I will start it off with Marko "The Sandman" Mitchell. Slight spiderman reference there

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It figures, Smoot beat us to a nickname for Marko Mitchell:

"Lanky Livingston"

As reported by Dan Steinberg in the DC Sports Bog...


Marko Mitchell is Lanky Livingston

As you might have noticed, Fred Davis celebrated his first professional touchdown with the Stanky Leg. As you probably didn't notice, Marko Mitchell celebrated his first professional touchdown by flashing double Ls with both hands as he ran toward the Redskins sideline.

"When I first met him, he looked like his name was supposed to be Lanky Livingston," Fred Smoot explained. "That's why he held up that LL. I named him Lanky Livingston."

(Seriously, was there any doubt that Fred Smoot was going to be involved in this? No, is the answer.)

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- Ladell "Mr. Fumbles Betts (Wish he is cut loose)

- Carlos "Butterfingers" Rogers or Carlos "Oops I did it again" Rogers

- Marko "Sure Hands" Mitchell

- Jason "poor throw" Campbell or Jason "Deer caught in headlights" Campbell

- Fred "smack mouth" Smoot

- Chris "Mr. Clutch" Cooley

- LaRon "lights out" Landry

- Santana "quick feet" Moss

- Sean "I missed again" Shuisum

- Chris "ball hawk" Horton

- Antwaan "electric slide" Randle El

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