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SKINS WIN!! Now who made a name for themselves tonight?


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These players impressed me:

Chase Daniel, has to be ahead of Brennan now. Showed great composure, accuracy, and speed/mobility.

Marko Mitchell, had that nice catch and turn in the first half and showed great hands on the TD. Really liked what I saw.

Marcus Mason and Dominique Dorsey. Both have great speed and vision. Honestly, I would keep both over Rock, but I may be a little premature in that assessment. Still...both looked very good.

Chris Wilson. I have always advocated that this guy get more playing time. All he does is apply pressure. I still like him at DE, despite our newfound depth at that position.

Fred Davis. Had some good catch and runs, forced the fumble, them immediately got open for the TD.

The O-line in general. Gave the QBs time to throw and opened up holes.

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Marko and Chase certainly took a step foward.....Freddy Davis certainly redeemed himself with the forced fumble and the TD. Wilson is much improved from last year, and JJ "Dynomite" Jarmon continues to impress...and the list goes on. There were alot of good individual performances tonight.

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I am right there with you, I would hate to keep Betts over one of those two backs at this point and am finding it hard to figure out why Stump Mitchell is so in love with him.

I think Rak looked great at DE and better than I thought at LBer. Daniel took a step up for the third spot, IMO. Colt tried to force that ball in down at the goal line and almost cost the game.

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marko mitchell

dominique dorsey

fred davis

chase daniels


marcus mason

the o-line in general was dope. great pass pro and run blocking.

dbs also stepped up their game compared to last week. tryon and barnes were much better.

malcolm kelly continues to be a huge target w/ hands. can't ask for much more than that right now.

to be honest, the team was worlds better this week. the only real issues were with colt brennan and CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED special teams

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I thought Dorsey looked impressive when running the ball, and believe he took a big step forward in trying to make the team; however, I understand that Mason ran well; however, I don't think he's done anything to increase his chances of making the team. Mason is a one trick pony who can't play special teams and will be on the outside looking in again this season.

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to be honest, the team was worlds better this week. the only real issues were with colt brennan and CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED special teams

pretty much, the whole team improved overall over last week (we got points!). Kick coverage as pretty bad, then again that Logan kid looks pretty good.

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Orakpo was unstoppable when he lined up at end

i really wish they would abandon the LB experiment and let him terrorize qb's strictly from the end

Co-sign 100%. Let the guy do what he does best. He was a beast at DE in college, why mess with a great thing? Tampering causes problems.

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O.K. I got it out of my system!!! Now, which players made a name for themselves tonight???

Marko Mitchell gets my vote. Chase Daniel might be the new 3rd stringer.


Jason Campbell stuck up the joint. As usual. Sorry but the season is all ready over.

Don't have a good enough QB to take advantage of the good defense.

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Tonight's winners:

D-Line - Truly awesome from 1st stringers on down.

Orakpo - That guy is a freak.

Daniels - Time to close the Cult of Colt. Daniels was alert and focused. He

wants Brennan's job badly.

Davis - Redeemed his entire pro career.

O-Line - Looked good, Starters were excellent and the backups were ok. Not as

bad as most people, including me, believed.

Marko Mitchell - showed he really, REALLY wants to be here.

Tonight's losers.

Campbell - didn't look lights out but didn't completely melt down

Brennan - too many mental mistakes.

Special Teams - tackle someone already!

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RBs - Dorsey, and Mason. They showed great vision, hustle, and speed. One or both of them should be part of the mix! Love Rock, but he is old and slow.

WRs - Marko is da man! He continues to impress me, and is a big target with good ands, and decent speed. Most impostantly, he stays healthy -- unlike the sissy boys we drafted in the second round last year!

TEs - Fred Davis redeemed himself. Showed great hustle in special teams, and speed/good hands making the touch down catch.

DEs - Chris Wilson, Brian Orakpo, and Jarmon acounted for themselves very well. Teams will have to give our "D" more respect ... especially, our newly found pass rushing talent!

QBs - Todd Collins and Chase Daniels. Jason stunk the place up, and Colt wasn't what he was last year.

O-Line - All of them were AWESOME!

DBs - Kevin Barnes redeemed himself.

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