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What does this say to you?


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One of the resident techies over at my home board explained this for me. So here it is:

Whenever you request a webpage, your IP address is sent along with it so that the web server can decide whether to allow or deny access, or whatever it wants to do (this is basically how IP bans work). Other information is also sent along, such as your Operating System and web browser type and version. This is ostensibly used to allow web sites to customize their content to your particular browser and OS, but is generally just used to see what browsers the site owner needs to support.

So, this information gets sent along to the 700Level.com servers, and you post a link to that .jpg image. Well, jpegs aren't always "static" images that don't change. It's actually possible for a website to generate them "on-the-fly," which is what this guy is doing. Since your browser is requesting that image, he gets all that information about you and builds the image.

The first time you see something like that, it's a bit spooky, but there aren't too many ways around it. About the only way is to use an "anonymous proxy server," and I think I posted something just the other day about using a proxy server. The same sites that have lists of proxy servers probably have lists of anonymous ones, too.

And there's no real reason to bother, either. Only very low traffic sites, or sites where ip address are logged and related to something relevant can even begin to trace their users individually. Most web servers get pinged so often by all those 14 year old hackers that they'll NEVER be able to identify individual users.

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you can craft http headers to say as much or as little as you want........;) .......

....for the less technically inclined....anonymizer.com does exactly what you want........

there are a lot of ways for a web server to do what you describe: there is nothing wrong or nefarious about it......btw. cookies, hidden fields in forms, etc., processed by various server side techologies - all depends on how the application is built. the really cool part is how you as a customer, were you so inclined and immune from prosecution, can turn these technologies on their head and exploit a site for all it's worth!!!!

PHAN...nice how your image changes as well! why I oughta!!!!:laugh:.........session status is cool....looks like there are about 7 txt boxes/images in the array/db to pick from......also nice on my IP...........but that only gets you to my external interface!!!!

placing the poster id in the URL is not the hottest idea in the world.......admins!!!

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