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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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So today I get to change my Redskins monthly calendar. I wasn't thrilled about May featuring H.B. Blades, a backup linebacker, but this month it's Ladell Betts, a backup RB not even on the team anymore. What the hell...

Well this month is London Fletcher, which is better, but December is (*SPOILER ALERT*) Jason Campbell.

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So it occurred to me this morning driving to work on the Loudoun County parkway that Donovan McNabb and I work exactly one mile apart. I never thought in a million years that that would happen :ols:


Thought this was somewhat interesting - Jason Whitlock praises McNabb...


That first line made me do a double take at my screen until I realized it was an editorial :pfft:

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If you don't see the word club in the ad, then you can assume you must have just forgot that you signed up for it, and you are indeed able to buy tix if you want.

I actually posted a pic of it in another thread. Come to think of it, I remember signing up for something last year.


If so I hope I can reserve the same seats I got for my first game last year. :cool:

Section 117, Row 17, seat 21

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I actually meant to ask this question a while ago, but knew it didn't deserve a thread so I completely forgot about it. Anyone happen to be at a Phish concert in Saratoga the day before fathers day?

I was there and during the break I turn around and see someone wearing a redskins shirt. Naturally, I yelled "WOOO! Redskins!" But it was too loud for anyone to hear.

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Since we have a pretty big hole at RG, why not check out Chester Pitts? Im a bit confused how the Skins arent linked heavily with a move like that.

I think Hicks will do fine, if we decided to sign Pitts, I think he could be a serviceable backup.

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Not yet. Agent said he's got 4 offers, though.

I'm surrounded by Pittsburgh fans and they want the team to sign Slozell so badly. Now, their RT went down for the year, and Adams might be a better RT than LT at this point, but when he said that he WANTED Adams I laughed at him and told him "Good luck. Hope you enjoy at least 1 drive-killing tripping penalty a game."

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My contention since the minicamp is that with the uncertainty surrounding Moss and the lack of any credible threat as the #2, Shanahan is not done with the WR position.

Vincent Jackson may not end up being the answer based upon what AJ Smith wants in compensation vs. what Jackson has proven to date.

But, a move or two will be made IMO.

I seriously doubt Shanahan is telling fans NOT to lower their expectations while expecting Malcolm Kelly, Mike Furrey and 38 year old Joey Galloway to be producers at WR.

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