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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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Browsing a sports store yesterday, and usually I'm used to no Skins gear way out here. But, they not only had a bunch of Vick jerseys, they also have Crabtree jerseys. WTF? Dude hasn't even signed. This store seriously had jerseys/tshirts from every freakin team, even people who don't play any more- but not one damn thing Redskins. *******s.

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"QB Jason Campbell will be the first to start three consecutive[highlight] season openers [/highlight]for the Redskins under center since Gus Frerotte from 1996-98."


How sad is this little nugget? lol

He said [highlight]

[/highlight] hehehehe :twitch:
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I had my first vivid Redskins dream that I can remember last night.

There were two things that stuck out and I remember, of course the game was against the Giants.

The first: the Giants faced a 3rd and short from our 29. Of course they chose to hand it off to Jacobs. As soon as the ball was snapped Haynesworth broke through the line and devoured Jacobs for a 2 yard loss.

The second: I'm not sure the down, I think the Giants were on our side of the field again. Eli dropped back to pass and he was flushed out by Haynesworth, Orakpo, and somebody else. He was running to the right and was able to get the pass off. Out of nowhere (couldn't see him at first because the camera angle), Hall appears, snatches the ball, and takes off for 6.

It was a good dream :)

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:helmet:Its after mid-night on the right coast so its officially game day!!!!! :point2skyThis is also my 1,000th post so I wanted to use it as good karma for our beloved Skins. In the spirit of Karma lets use this thread to post positive things about the Redskins and while we are at it lets send some good vibes out for the Panthers and Bucs.

Its GAME DAY Skins fan:logo:... Campbell will have a phenomenal game 25 of 31 for 356 yards 2 TDs and Portis is gonna run all over Gnats for a buck fitty and another TD. Big Al is gonna eat Jacobs lunch and Los is gonna shut down his side of the field while Hall gonna prove he is worth that 23 million payday.

Bucs D is gonna return to form from the Superbowl days and embarrass the pukes having Romo climbing up from his back all game while Carolina will have Iggles fan screaming for week two so Vick can return cause McNobb can't get the win.

Heres to a 1-0 start to the season and a 1 game lead in the NFC East after week one!!!


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Haynesworth is gonna drive Eli into the ground so many times he's going to think he's a stake by the end of the night. Jacobs will get plastered by Orakpo so hard he'll forget what his name is. Jason will torch the Giants secondary so bad they'll henceforth be known as "Staypuft."

Oh, and Dallas and Philly will lose too.

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