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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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3 hours ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

Been watching old NFL games (mainly skins from 2012-2016/17/18) and man….I feel like this is the most talented offense ON PAPER that we’ve had since 2012, 2015, and 2016. Watching the 4 game win streaks from 2015 and 2016, I HOPE we can have that type of season this year with wentz. 

2012 was lightening in a bottle with Griffin.


2015, the end of the season was pretty good.


2016, the offense was absolutely loaded.  And McVay was the coordinator.  That was a 13 win offense.  And then we had Jay and Joe Barry (and in fairness, some HORRENDOUS kicking) which sunk the team.  But also in fairness, we should never have been in as many close games as we were in where kicking mattered as much as it did.

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I have never gone back and watched games from 2012 because of the overwhelming sadness of lost potential and “we were so close to something special” with Griffin. I know the guy ended up being full of **** as a person and he wouldn’t likely have steadily improved into an actual good QB, but just the “what if” of it all always kept me away. 

Now I’m emotionally detached enough that I could probably handle it. But also emotionally detached enough that I don’t care enough to spend my time that way, other than casually putting on some highlights. Maybe I’ll go do that. But really my weekly “I care about the outcome of this” fandom is hanging on a thread—Wentz and crew have the chance to salvage that into me truly caring again on a weekly basis, but we’ll see if I’m ever capable of caring as deeply as I did in 2012 and earlier.

That torn ACL in 2012 was pretty much the end of my days of still caring on Monday morning about what had happened Sunday. Pretty much the epitome of “we can’t have nice things”, it just sucked the wind out of my entire fandom, long before all the truly heinous Snyder stuff came to light.

ST’s death would have probably been the inciting event for this feeling if I had been a little older. In 2007 I was a freshman in college and it was absolutely devastating but didn’t effect the intensity of my fanhood the way that RG3 busting in front of our eyes did, for whatever reason. 

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Soooo, been watching NFL game pass for a few months now, from 2010-2016. Just finished 2016 season tonight. 

started the 2017 season (or tried to) and it’s now saying “video must have a url or mcpID” 


uh……..HUH? Freakin HUH??? 

“video must have a url”. Oh **** allllllll the way off, moronic app! 

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27 minutes ago, FootballZombie said:

NFL.com did a thought experiment where they put every NFL player in a "win-now" mock draft scenario.


Unless I overlooked somebody, it would seem that Montez Sweat is the first Washington player off the board. Thought that was interesting.




Washington still did not pick up a LB.;):806:







:229:The Rook

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Apparently it took Josh Norman complaining about the locker room right when he arrived, to get Snyder to change the whole thing 😂 wow. 

and the way Snyder lured Norman to DC, was to text him a picture of a #24 jersey, which at the time was duke ihenaco’s. Snyder didn’t even talk to duke about it! 

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On 7/7/2022 at 7:20 PM, Cooleyfan1993 said:

duke ihenaco’s

On a completely unrelated note, I remember watching a game before Ihenaco landed here, I think he was at Denver and the announcer kept saying his name, and I kept hearing "Duke Eat a Nacho" and I had to go online and look up what the guys name was.  



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4 minutes ago, RandyHolt said:

Why am I hearing the team doesn't know the lyrics to the fight song yet?  I guess they realized they had too many syllables to keep the same fight song. 


Just sing commanders really fast.

Huh? Where are you hearing that? They put out a vote for two options on Tuesday. 

The website also has a recording for both versions. After hearing the recordings, I actually don’t think the extra syllable is that much of a problem. 

recordings can be heard here 





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