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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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The difference between those two is one is a man, and the other is a girly man. No really, one is about playing football and the other is about me. Notice how Haynesworth is not crazy about being in front of the media and getting attention, while Taylor loved to hear himself talk. I just think that we finally got a real football player, not just some man diva that wants fame and fortune. I think about all the players we got in the past who want the big contract but don't care about football, it seems like Albert is only focused on football, period.

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Game day threads are hilarious. Its almost like the opening of the Tiki Bar in Solomons Island with the cops. They know they are gonna have crazy numbers of DWI's so they beef up the calvary. Kind of like the mods throwing out NNT's left and right they know its a gonna be a busy night. I was a culprit too, once.

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