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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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I thought we wanted to get younger,faster,better??

As it stands it's going to be tough to decide whether to cut Betts or Rock and make room for either Dorsey or Mason. Or let all the young guys go.

T.J Duckett is a nice guy and all (seemingly) but he's done his tour of duty in D.C already.

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And I hear Heath Schuler is in town again, boy that would sure solve all of our problems.....

Heath Shuler is indeed in town. I saw Congressman Shuler a couple of weeks ago at Good Eats on Penn. Ave. on Capitol Hill, having a burger with his family.

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My question involves the tags for this thread. Are they ones assigned only to this thread, or are tags from the original threads added here as well?

Random thought: Who do you think will be the next Redskins player to star in an Eastern Motors commercial?

Seems that the original tags are transferred here as well.

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The JETS have named their first round draft rookie qb sanchaz as their starting qb..do you think zorn wouldve done the same thing as to name sanchez the skins starter or would zorn have too many negatives/nitpicking to say about sanchez?

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