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I guess I deserved this.


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The downside to voting for Sharpton in the MoveOn primary.

I may have to change my email address now.


Dear 2004 Democratic Primary Voter,

The 2004 presidential primary election is upon us and I need your financial help. I need your contribution to effectively raise the issues that the average American really cares about and to represent the economic interests of the common man or woman?

I believe my campaign is the best chance to have the issues heard and discussed which most dramatically affect African Americans, other minorities, the average working person, and the less fortunate in this country. The primaries are where Democrats have the broadest and clearest choice. I intend to be the Democratic nominee, but even if I’m not, I still need enough financial support to put a strong human rights agenda before the American people.

In 2004, we have a chance and a choice to have important issues put squarely on the national agenda. I have a track record as a fighter and I’ve been on the firing line for a long time. I bare a knife scar in my chest, as well as the spiritual and emotional bruises of the many battles in which I have successfully engaged - from fighting against police brutality to fighting for economic justice.

I have a 10-point platform on my website (http://www.al2004.org) representing grassroots needs. It addresses the fact that there’s NO AFFIRMATIVE RIGHT TO VOTE in the U.S. Constitution – if there had been, Al Gore, instead of George Bush, would be President. The Constitution also contains no RIGHT to health care, and no RIGHT to an education of equal high quality. I argue that if Charlton Heston can believe that the 2nd Amendment gives all Americans an individual RIGHT to a gun, we can believe that all Americans deserve an individual RIGHT to vote, to a good education and to health care in the Constitution. Fighting to advance the idea of putting these RIGHTS in the Constitution as new amendments not only appeals to African Americans, but to a much broader American constituency who has similar needs. My campaign can contribute to building "a more perfect Union."

I can only represent the average American and these ideas well, put a professional campaign organization together, and get my message out if I have enough financial support to do so. That’s why I’m appealing to you to contribute the maximum you can with a personal check – no business, labor or church checks allowed. There’s a $2,000 limit, but all contributions up to $250 are matched dollar-for-dollar by federal matching funds – that is, a $100 contribution is actually a $200 contribution; a $250 contribution is really $500; a $2,000 contribution amounts to $2,250. To get the match, you will need to include your name, full address, telephone number, occupation and employer for FEC purposes.

I thank you in advance for your financial support. If you know others willing to contribute, please urge them to do so. It will be a good investment in our future.


Reverend Al Sharpton

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I'm not sending Sharpton nothing. He talks to much, and I hate somebody that things they are always right and everybody else is wrong, a person like this can not and should not be president, they start using terms like "axis of evil"and "evil doers".

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After the Twana Brawley case I could never take this man serious. The thing that scares me the most is the possible 2008 pairing between him and Hillary. I keep thinking the Dems are going to be grasping for straws by then and if they combine these two on a ticket they just might have a chance in 2008.:shootinth

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Code, Sharpton carries some clout in the hispanic community as well. I read a stat that stated 90% of all black and hispanics are or vote Dem anyway. Sharpton on the ticket just solidifies there vote. Hillary will also have the lion's share of the female vote regardless of race. Add to that the average die hard Dem. That would be enough people to give the Reb candidate in 2008 a run for there money.

And just to throw it out there. If there is a third party candidate that can get 5-10% of the vote. They have a real shot of winning the electoral vote majority. I don't know about you, but this scares the hell out of me. And just for the record who do you think the Reps. will put on the ticket when W's 2nd term is over?

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Guest Matt Kyriacou

If the 2008 GOP ticket was Powell/Rice, then tthe Democrats may as well just go into hibernation for about 8 years.

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