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Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

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Ok Guys I am here to ask a question. As a fellow out of town Skins fan, I rely on going to the bar for my 'Skins games, unless it is nationally televised. The only time I watched a Skins game online was the last game of the year in 2009 against the Chargers. I am quite frankly feeling as about dejected as a fan can be after the embarrassing loss to the Rams. I am really on the verge on saying F-the sportsbar, I will just try to find a feed online to watch the game.

My question is, how reliable are the feeds? I know when one goes down, another one usually will be available almost right away? What percentage of the game(s) would you say you have missed over the years using online feeds? I don't mind missing a minute here or there over the course of the game, but I also am not willing to miss half a quarter or something, while trying to find a game feed online.......I watch UFCs and other stuff online, and overall it is pretty reliable but has always been known to get over-clogged and sometimes just shut off........so what has been all of your experiences and what do you recommend I do?

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